Sync Any Folder on Your PC with Dropbox

Backup, file transfers and team collaborations have turned easier thanks to Cloud technology, as much as platform integration and synchronization have now become a matter of seconds with Dropbox, a popular cloud storage and file-sharing service that simplifies the sharing process with a menu bar located directly on desktop.

And now we proudly announce the Dropbox Folder Sync addon, a free and simple tool than syncs folders, Firefox profiles, games, music libraries and any other files outside the cloud with Dropbox. And it does that without the need to access that specific folder anytime you have to transfer a file to Dropbox.

The Folder Sync app is integrated into the shell menu. By simply right-clicking and choosing Sync, the folder gets transferred to Dropbox and a symlink takes the place of that folder/ file and creates a path towards its new location. The Unsync button, which is also integrated into shell, does exactly the opposite, moving the folder back to its original location.

Dropbox Folder Sync tool works instantly, so that no waiting period is to be considered as happened with other sync apps. Symlinks that are created instead of the actual folder get their name from ‘symbolic’ link/ path, a kind of desktop shortcut, but with a different function, which is syncing files and folders with Dropbox in no time.

Dropbox Folder Sync free is available for all distributions of Windows. With a little to none effect on PC performance and an intuitive and straightforward installation, this free application is a breakthrough in Dropbox technology, as it spares valuable time by integrating the share process with the windows shell menus.


Dropbox Folder Sync is a freeware utility that syncs folders and files from your PC with the Dropbox folder by creating a symlink in the place of the selected folder and moving the original folder with its content to Dropbox. Shell-integration and fast syncing times make this tool the choice of any sharing needs. Download it now (DropboxFolderSync-2.7-Setup.exe – 854KB)!

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