Set any solid color as wallpaper with one click

LoneColor is a small (36 KB – I mean tiny ) application that will allow you to have a simple and nice desktop background on your computer with just one click. Just start the application and it will set a solid color wallpaper – practically it will choose and apply the color randomly for you.

Here is one example :

Now, if you want to set a specific solid color for your background all you have to to is to edit ( by pressing F2 ) LoneColor shortcut on your desktop and to type in the desired color :

– by color name ( for example : Red, Black, White )




– by web color code ( for example :#ff9600, #3deff00, #ffffff )




– by RGB code ( for example : 221,15,229 or 64,255,5 or 5,246,255 )




The application runs smoothly on Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP ( for XP you need .NET Framework 2.0 or above ). It is available as an installer or as a portable app.


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