Remove Malware from Portable USB Devices with MCShield

Threats lurk in the depths of the internet as they do on storage devices, whether optic or on flash support. Our dependence on data transfer exposes PCs to various malware that may damage or compromise important pieces of information upon which some may earn their living. It is thus extremely important to constantly keep a keen eye on dangerous files and enhance the security of our devices on weekly bases.

We continue our series of articles regarding free usb encryption and free antivirus protection software with the review of a freeware tool tackling malware infection.

MCShield 2 is a lightweight scanner and removal tool, designed to secure USB devices in such a way that it does not interfere with good PC performance. Under constant update and working upon a rich library of worm signatures, MCShield 2 scans a wide variety of devices connected via the USB port: flash memories, digital camera, smart phones, tablets and different other portable devices.

The heuristic engine works in real time, starts and updates itself automatically, being the product of several years of improvements. MCShield 2 has a sleekly designed interface, thought for functionality only. Easy to use, with small to none impact on PC performance and auto-checking of self integrity, this application meets the needs of us all. It comes available in multiple languages, being compatible with all versions of Windows.


  • Fast scan
  • Intuitive control center


  • Portable version not available


MCShield 2 Anti-Malware is an excellent freeware utility developed for the protection of portable USB devices. You can download this great tool from here (MCShield-Setup.exe –  2.5MB).

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