Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption With Firemin

Mozilla Firefox has its ups and downs. Some claim to have experienced up to 500MB of memory usage or more while browsing the Internet, even if Firefox’s latest updates are said to have solved memory leakage. It is obvious that Firefox uses way too much memory for a web browser. These new improvements are not enough.

Luckily, for those of you who experience high memory usage while browsing the Internet with Firefox, Firemin is the solution. One can say that there are several ‘memory boosters’ available dealing with the same problem, but the main issue is that most of them are fake, working more like a placebo pill for your mind. Firemin is freeware and – most important – safe to use, being malware and spyware free.

Whether you have an old computer running low on memory or you just want to boost PC performance, Firemin is the solution. Firemin is a tiny app that runs in background, and it can by opened from the system-tray icon. It’s graphical intuitive menu makes it easy to use and fast to change settings.

Firemin forces Firefox to free as much memory as you select by using the graphical bar that illustrates the choice between memory usage and CPU load. On one hand, free memory will translate into more processing power, because, by doing this, you transfer processes handled by memory to the CPU. More memory available for other apps could overload the CPU. On the other hand, one can instantly notice some performance improvements depending on computer power.


  • Does not need installation
  • Completely free


  • Nothing to be mentioned


softmazing-amazing-software-award-150Firemin is a freeware app that truly decreases memory usage Firefox causes, its effectiveness being tested with good results. It is the best solution to memory leakage until further updates from Mozilla Firefox.

You can download Firemin from here.

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