Get a Faster PC with JetClean

Had enough of slow PC performance? Start up times gets longer and longer? Registry has become fragmented and clustered with unnecessary data? Than you are ready for a significant change! Try JetClean and shrink waiting times to the point your productivity will spike as if the PC has been newly bought.

JetClean is a totally freeware tool designed to improve PC performance in a way that involves cleaning bad registry entries and junkies messing around the hard disk, both from the Recycle Bin, temp files and cache, memory dumps etc. You name it, it cleans it. Errors will be a problem of the past and crushes a thing to forget about. With an intuitive and straightforward modern interface, JetClean outmatches similar programs in its niche.

You will enjoy a faster internet connection, a better in-game experience, more disk space, and a malware and spyware free environment.
JetClean has a tool for uninstalling unwanted programs from your computer, easily repairing, restructuring, defragmenting, rearranging and removing files located both in the registry and in the system folders.

If portability is the word of this time, JetClean adapts and it can generate a portable version of the software so that fixing any problem on any PC gets done in a matter of seconds.

All features are one click away, as JetClean proves itself reliable in every task assigned, outmatching everything you may have used until now. Available for all distributions of Windows, including 64-bit versions, JetClean is a step forward towards accessibility, being released with a rich language package.


Beautifully designed and with an extended variety of features, JetClean scores well at all tests and recommends itself as a want-to-download software. Just stay free of charge, free of bugs and free of junk files with JetClean. Download it from here (jetclean-setup.exe – 3.6MB)

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