Free Windows Uninstaller Program – Fermose UnInstaller

Fermose UnInstaller is a very simple and fast alternative for Programs and Features / Uninstall or change program Windows feature. It happens sometimes that some programs refuse to uninstall or they are not completely removed from your system. In such cases this application is very useful.

Fermose UnInstaller gives you the possibility to backup registry entries for each program individually before proceeding to any action.

It also includes some nice Windows tweaks like :

  • Disable Add/Remove Programs
  • Disable Change and Remove Programs
  • Disable Add Programs
  • Hide ‘Add a program from CD-ROM or disk’ option
  • Hide ‘Add programs from Microsoft’ option
  • Hide ‘Add programs from your network’ option


  • Does not need installation
  • Small size ( 700 KB )
  • Fast execution for each task
  • Restrict access with password


  • Cannot maximize program window
  • Does not have live update for future releases


Fermose UnInstaller is a great application that give you full control in uninstalling any software on your computer. Intuitive and very easy to use it is a must for any PC user – beginner or expert.

You can download it from here (Fermose – 704KB).

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