Faster Internet Speed with DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper (DNS stands for domain name system), instantly changes website links that are comprehensible by humans in code lines readable only by computers. The process consists in replacing standard names in the underlying IP addresses of a specific site/ link with a click.

DNS Jumper proves to be useful in accessing for example blocked websites, preventing children from watching inappropriate web content that is suitable for adults only, securing web-surfing through the use of dedicated DNS servers. Moreover, DNS Jumper increases Internet speed by jumping to a faster DNS and offers plenty other innovative features, like the option to create personal DNS groups.

This software comes after a dozen of improvements versus previous version in algorithmic calculations, interface usability, the introduction of country aimed DNS’s, automatic cleaning of DNS cache, voice alert option, mixing DNS’s for speed boost etc.

Changing DNS settings becomes a child task with DNS Jumper. All you have to do is select one DNS server from a given list and apply changes. This process is reversible. Anytime you want, the ‘Quick Configuration’ tab helps you revert DNS settings or going back to the ISP’s default DNS.

DNS Jumper is available for all distributions of Windows, including Windows 10 (x86 & x64) and comes with a rich language package, which further increases the accessibility already offered by the intuitive and straightforward interface.


  • Does not need installation
  • Improves your computer security
  • Increases browsing speed
  • Small size ( 500 KB )
  • Easy to use


  • Not available for Mac OS X


DNS Jumper is the perfect freeware solution created to speed up internet access, secure daily Web surfing both for you and for your children, and regain access to until now blocked websites.

Download it from here ( – 520KB).

An alternative download location here:

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