Download the latest drivers for your computer devices

It is very important to have the divers for all your devices up to date for various reasons : the latest games could not run because of graphic board drivers, you could not open some video formats because of missing codecs or you could not connect to a wireless network because of network cards malfunctioning.

It is very time consuming to visit every producer homepage to check for new drivers versions. Here comes 3DP Chip that does it for your and, furthermore, this smart application also suggests you if to install or not the latest drivers.

The application kit is very small – just 600 KB – and you do not need to install the software. Double click the EXE files and the application screen will pop up:

It will list the onboard components like CPU, motherboard, video card, multimedia components, network card and others.

If you click on each of the components the application will redirect you to the developer web site, where you will get the info about the driver and an a recommendation to install it or not:

The only, let’s say, disadvantage is the fact that you have to download and install the driver manually, as this utility does not do it automatically.

Otherwise, 3DP Chip is a very useful application that everyone should use on his computer in order to be up to date with the latest developers’ drivers releases.

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