Delete Sensitive Data Permanently With Zer0

Preventing recovery of data from hard disks is a must when trying to avoid leakage of sensitive information. Unwanted access to valuable data is easy because with a simple deletion of a file, computers don’t erase it permanently from the system. What happens is that the specific location on the hard disk occupied by the deleted file is only marked as empty and available for replacing with another.

Furthermore, formatting hard drive won’t prevent individuals to recover data previously stored on it. Luckily, there is a free application that makes file shredding as simple as it can get.

Zer0 freely secures hard disks by wiping the desired files with ease. Prevention of potential undesired access is a one step procedure: Drag’n’drop! There hasn’t been reported any case of cracking the algorithm until now.

Zer0 is lightweight, so you won’t experience system freeze. Moreover, it speeds up the shredding process by making use of all available CPU cores. Efficiency and safety go together in this application. Its graphic interface is straightforward and intuitive. Simply drag the file into the main window, click delete and wait for the ‘OK’ message to appear on the right side of the screen.

Zer0 is available in English and French and it is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.


  • Intuitive; very easy to use
  • Fast
  • Action cannot be undone
  • Small size


  • Nothing to be mentioned


Multithread tasks, secured shredding algorithm and fast “drag’n’drop” feature make this freeware software a solution you can trust. A great tool that users may choose to help them delete sensitive data permanently and prevent accidental or unwanted data recovery.

Download it from here (zero.exe – 2.1MB)

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