Best Free XML Editor for Windows – 8 Alternatives

Each of us could be in the situation where it has to edit a larger or smaller XML. Although, at first glance, it may seem like a big headache, there are free solutions to edit XML files. Which one of them is the best is a relative question because each product has advantages and disadvantages, so before deciding which solution is right, it would be great to test at least two or three of them.

In this article we try to summarize the best XML file editors for Windows 8 and 10. So we chose eight products that you can find below. In our tests we used the same XML file, of 1.7MB and ~ 80.000 lines.

1. XML Notepad 2007

XML Notepad 2007 is a classic solution from Microsoft. In order to be able to use it, you have to install Microsoft .NET Framework. This tool is easy to use and does not require any experience. Just open the application, choose the XML file and start to work with it. It has a Search that aloows you to jump to any node in a matter of seconds. The unlimited redo/undo feature lets you the flexibility to manage any mistake while editing. The options menu alows you to modify the interface’s color scheme according to your preferences and mood :).

If you wanna try it you can download it from here (XmlNotepad.msi – 1.9MB)

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a very well known editor and we recommend it as the best free XML editor for large files. it is a free application that allows you to work in multiple tabs at the same time, does not use heavy resources and has a lot of helpful plugins and a plugins manager. You can also use a macro recording and playback for repetitive tasks.

Easy to remember shortcuts can be used in order to increase your productivity, like:

  • CTRL+L: deletes current line
  • CTRL+SHIFT+S: saves all opened files
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Q: insert comment

You can find this amazing application it here (x86/x64 installer : npp.7.5.4.Installer.exe/npp.7.5.4.Installer.x64.exe – 4MB/4.3MB)

3. Text Editor Pro

Text Editor Pro is a nice tool available for all Windows versions, up to 8 and 10, 32 and 64 bits, created by Lasse Markus Rautiainen, a Finnish prgrammer. In out test this application managed to open the same XML file in 5 seconds, compared to Notepad++  which opened it in 1.5 seconds. it is available in multiple languages and offers multiple features like files comparison in two separate windows in split screen, macro recording, support for more than 50 programming languages, search and replace.

Text Editor Pro can be found here (x86/x64 installer : – 4.2MB/4.9MB)

4. Bluefish

Bluefish is a customizable and easy to use editor that can be used to edit not only XML files, but also PHP, HTML, C#, etc.  The interface is extremely simple and autocomplete function is very smart and useful. It also has a plethora of options vis settings menu and use just a small percent of the CPU and RAM on your computer.

That’s being said, the editor can be downloaded from here (Bluefish-2.2.10-setup.exe – 4.4MB)

5. Notepad3

Notepad3 is also a great editor with some nice features like text auto completion, text encoding in many formats like UTF-8, UTF-16 and ASCII, infinite redo action, find and replace function. User interface is pretty simple and straight forward. The usage of computer resources is also low.

You can get it from here (Notepad3- – 1.7MB).

6. Code Browser

Code Browser is a robust text editor with features like tree browser, multiple windows view, syntax highlighting. You can get it from here (code-browser-6.3-installer.exe – 0.7MB).

7. Kate

Kate is an editor a little bit more complex, woith features like horizontal and vertical windows sliptting, line numbering, syntax and specific words highlighting, serach and replace in multiple opened files, undo and redo, file backup on save.

You can download it from find it here (Kate-setup-17.08.1-KF5.38-32bit.exe/Kate-setup-17.08.1-KF5.38-64bit.exe – 57.3/68.3MB).

8. Atom

Atom is a very beautiful editor with a moderd interface, with features like built-in package manager, smart autocomplete, multi window, complex find and replace, more than 2000 user interface themes. It also has a larger size than the other tools.

You can get it from here (AtomSetup.exe/AtomSetup-x64.exe – 122/132MB).

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