A Fullscreen GUI for VLC Player – JuceVLC

As you might know, VLC Player is one of the popular media player applications out there because no matter what media format you want to view with this player, it will be supported! At first this was an academic project, but now it is so popular almost everyone knows about it and even knowing there are other players which are doing a really great job, VLC still remains the first choice for many first of all because it is open source and surely because its functionality and tools.

If you think about VLC Player and what this application can do you are close to discover JuceVLC and its features because it is based on VLC. JuceVLC is a full screen media center with a special and well-designed interface. This application is what every movie fan needs and if you have ever been in a situation like you were too far from your monitor and you couldn’t see the menu, there is where JuceVLC intervenes.

JuceVLC player comes with cool features and all of them are available for you. The menu comes with some options which are letting you manipulate the clarity of the image. As well the video options allow you to change between full screen or windowed and to adjust zoom level, aspect ratio, track and more. Also this player comes with a really subtle volume adjustment so you can adjust subtitles, playback speed and other settings like these only with few clicks.

This player comes with some nice features and they all are useful:

  • Big fonts are used for the user-friendly interface. There are none pop-up dialogues;
  • The On Screen Display function allows you to browse whatever you want or need directly from the player interface;
  • All the plugins from VLC are integrated in JuceVLC. As well all the formats supported by VLC are supported by JuceVLC too;
  • There is no keyboard needed because of all the options and features that you can access only with your computer mouse.


JuceVLC is a very useful application when it comes to media. You can watch everything you want just sitting on your sofa and also going through menu from distance because of the high fonts that are integrated in its comfortable design.

All you have to do is to download JuceVLC for free (JuceVLCsetup-0.91.exe – 29.1MB) and enjoy it!

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