8 Free Home Design Software Solutions

For those of you who need a design tool that can spare the effort of hiring an architect, there is a great number of solutions available on the internet. We have selected here the best freeware software you can use to design from scratch your new home, office, garden, room, and furniture. Read our reviews and decide on the solution that meets your requirements.


Gliffy is an online diagramming application that lets users design, share, and publish modern diagrams by simply creating an account on gliffy.com. You can choose from pre-built models to get started or import and create personal designs that suit any domain needs. The online editor runs directly from browser so that your computer stays free of another installation.

With a rich shape library, and elegant text integration the end result will certainly have a professional look. Text boxes can be linked with a simple click. Additional features like text editing, color change, shape modifier make it easy for users to give a personal touch to their presentation.

The Account Documents folder stores your creation, making it available anywhere through direct internet access. Multiple users you choose are permitted to create or edit diagrams. Keeping tracking of changes is also possible. If you are unsatisfied of the end result, you can always go back to a previous stage and modify it in order to fulfill your specifications.

Format compatibility is no longer a problem. Files can be exported and saved in a variety of formats, including PDF.

With Gliffy users create Flow Charts, SWOT Analysis, UML Charts, Venn Diagrams, Org Charts, Network Diagrams, Wireframes, Site Maps, Technical Drawings and more. Images can be embedded into blogs, wikis, and hosted office applications.

Gliffy takes diagramming to a new level. Whether an inexperienced user or an advanced one, you can use Gliffy today for professional, great looking diagrams.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application. Create the home of your dreams with user friendly tools. It is one of the easiest ways you can customize future living space both in 2D and 3D view.

With Sweet Home 3D precision drawing of walls is no longer a problem. Furthermore, you can insert doors and windows, choose furniture units from an extensive library organized by room categories, change technical specs, location and orientation of furniture, walls and other house parts. Decide whether you are satisfied with the results by taking a 3D tour from a virtual visitor point of view, customizing lights and sunlight effect.


Enhance your creativity with additional features like models library, furniture editor, textures editor, which are available for free download within the site. Export work by creating images, video simulations, PDFs and others. Sweet Home 3D is available in 23 languages under GNU licensing.

Sweet Home 3D is one of the best home design software solutions. It is also freeware, user friendly, and under constant improvement.


FloorPlanner is an online application that provides free home, garden or office planning in stunning graphics. Signup for free on floorplanner.com and put your imagination to work. With 5 million registered users, FloorPlanner offers great functionality both in 2D and 3D viewing plans. Its extensive library and search option increases work’s dynamics by immediately providing walls, floors, doors, windows, furniture units, and other various home objects that you can customize through textures, changing sizes, colors, configuration, orientation, and resurfacing.

General 2D and 3D view and detailed view are available. Just zoom upon the object you need to modify. Organize your future garden, plan some parties, and recreate offices and rooms within minutes. Browsing through options is way too easy. The interface is intuitive and it doesn’t slow down your computer. There is nothing to install. Items are available online, being under continuous update.

A basic pack lets you create on project for free. Second plans come at a good price. For more advanced functions like PDF, video, high resolution images, and multiple staff logins, Plus and Pro packs are the solution.

FloorPlanner is a good home design tool. It doesn’t need installation and it offers the first home, garden or office project for free.


Roomle plans your living space freely. All you have to do is register online at roomle.com and start drawing as many dream houses as you wish. Online platforms like this one are great when mobility is what you have in mind.

If you haven’t heard about Roomle until now and you are already designing houses for your customers or just for your own needs, this is not a problem, but an opportunity. Why? Mainly because it has on option to upload your sketches and it is possible to start working from that.
Roomle comes with the same functionality FloorPlanner and Sweet Home 3D provide, but with a better approach towards sketching and a beta 3D viewer as a downside. Online libraries are constantly being updated as in any other home design software utility.

There are options to upload a background image, make notes on the project, undo or redo work, share via e-mail, Facebook, Delicious, and Twitter, export as image, and print. You can also invite your friends to offer pieces of advice that may improve the end result. They even have a Wiki page where users write feedback notes on functionality issues or ask for help on various app problems that might appear.

Roomle is one good choice for those of you who need free, unique and professional designs for homes and offices.

DesignWorkshop Lite

DesignWorkshop Lite was designed especially for 3D modeling. You can transform your concepts to 3D models or just use pre-built models and start from there. Unfortunately it is available only for Win XP and other previous Windows distributions. The freeware package offers basic functionality. As a freebie it can create home designs, landscape arrangements, exhibits, architectural sketches and other spatial configurations.
DesignWorkshop Lite was one of the first 3D modeling software. It works in a 3D crosshair environment. Whatever users need to create, the click-and-drag function makes it all easier.

Free users don’t have the option to save models over 100 solid objects, or more than 1000 polygons. Obviously, more recent design software performs better. Textures, shapes and objects are more diversified and better organized in libraries.

Another downfall is the limited functionality in freeware mode. Advanced users may need to order the expanded version that also offers tutorials and documentation.

DesignWorkshop Lite could have been the perfect choice years ago. Other recently created and daily updated design software distributions offer advanced functions and stunning graphics. It seems like a better idea for users to turn to these latter ones.


MyVirtualHome is a freeware design software package for desktop. Its great looking intuitive interface allows users to design a new home or renovation by trying real products in newly created contexts. The decorative part is made easier through the extended library that contains real products for inside or outside decoration.

Final personal touches are also possible with a nice library of colors and textures. The end result can be shared and transmitted to suppliers or contractors that won’t have any excuse now for delivering the wrong materials and furniture.

The drag and drop system automatically cycles alternatives for objects’ orientation and placement. Previously created sketches can be uploaded for better productivity. What seems unique is the possibility to build with rooms and not with walls. The layout gets created faster in this way but the creative side of users may suffer considerably as the disposal and shapes of walls are a key part in home design.

Searching the catalogue returns categories of specific products, manufacturers of those products, and links to local businesses which provide such services.

MyVirtualHome is user friendly and free to use. Issues may appear depending on the part of the world users live in, as the catalogue provides real objects that can be bought from local businesses.

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is one of the best interactive design software applications available. And that is mainly because it is a Google product. It allows users share their 3D models online, add image textures for a more realistic result, and use dynamic components as a special feature that makes rescaling of objects easier. Distortion is no longer a problem.

Animation schemes are also available. Values can be calculated and exported easier than ever. Google SketchUp works great on large scale models, its rendering capabilities transforming zooming, orbiting and drawing into a smooth experience. Smart objects interact with each other. Unnatural placement and orientation belong to the past.
If you decide to make an object larger by stretching it, SketchUp corrects any distortion by adding more elements to that unit or by rescaling existing elements.

The 3D Warehouse helps blend your building with the environment. Buildings located near the one you are working on are generated in your 3D model so that you don’t have to fear wrong orientation or design misconception.

Google SketchUp takes creativity to a new level. Redecorate everything you can imagine, design your own furniture and make it available for others to use it, browse and search available models created by people like you. Built with interactivity in mind, Google SketchUp will certainly evolve into the most advanced and diversified design software.


Roomeon is a design software solution that offers free functionality under Guest download option, full access to Roomeon community as a registered user, and unlimited storage with a paid professional account.

As a Guest and a registered user you can freely create floor plans or use pre-built templates, design rooms in stunning graphics, add real objects from a catalogue, save and share the results.

Uploading sketches and drawing after them is easy. Templates are also made available. Objects represent real products with given specifications available near you. The catalogues are constantly being updated. Famous suppliers diversify users’ alternatives. By simply dragging and dropping, rooms will look great in minutes. Special rendering, 3D view from inside or with a bird’s eye, lights and shadows, and natural size relations place Roomeon along the best design software distributions available.

Their catalogue can be browsed online. Give it a try! The interface couldn’t have been easier to use. Roomeon is the last free design software app reviewed here. It qualifies as one of the best choices for entry-level users. Its functionality equals previously mentioned platforms.

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