12 Free Uninstallers: Best Free Software Removal Tools for Windows

If you want a replacement for the built-in Windows Add/Remove programs applet, this is the place to compare available freeware software removal tools. There are countless apps that do the same basic things but only few offer advanced functions like leftovers removal or forced uninstall. Skim through the presentation and choose carefully.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a software utility that speeds-up your computer by removing unnecessary programs that can’t be uninstalled with Windows Add or Remove option. In also includes few additional cleaning tools :

  • Autorun Manager – to manage your start up entries
  • Windows Tools – 11 small utilities to perform various tasks
  • Junk Files Cleaner – to remove unnecessary files from your computer
  • Browsers Cleaner – to remove History and Temporary Files from Opera and Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office Cleaner – to remove Recent Documents History from Microsoft Office

It is fully compatible with all Windows versions and is available in 44 languages. You can download Revo Uninstaller from here ( revosetup.exe – 2.5MB ).


Safarp is one of the simplest freeware program remover in the list. Its name stands for Small and Fast Add/ Remove Programs and its purpose for good functionality, stability and reliability with no fancy graphics.

Safarp can generally do quite the same things more advanced Pro applications are designed for, but faster:

  • it has a search function
  • it can export a list of installed programs to a XTML, RTF, CSV file
  • it removes obsolete list entries
  • users can access it through Control Panel interface

For those of you who want to further develop this app it is useful to know that the source code is also available. Safarp even has a Fast Mode (loaded by default) that speeds-up programs list loading when you are not interested in details such as size, frequency of use.

If you want to keep your computer clean of leftovers, Safarp solves the problem freely. It’s one clean app that knows users don’t need fancy buttons, but faster and useful functions. Click here to download Safarp ( safarp-0.5.exe – 30KB ).

My Uninstaller

My Uninstaller is another simple alternative for Windows built-in Add/ Remove Programs. My Uninstaller displays a wide range of additional criteria like company name, uninstall string, product name, version, obsolete data, root key.

The downside is that the app makes use of the uninstall module provided by the software company. The purpose of such a software is therefore canceled, because if the uninstall module fails to provide the expected result, traces and leftovers will keep interfering with smooth computer experience. Even so, remaining entries can be deleted.

On the other hand, My Uninstaller is an executable file that doesn’t need any installation and it can run in Quick Mode, so that you only have to refresh the list starting from the second use of the program, and avoid waiting for a full scan.

My Uninstaller is easy-to-use but provides limited functionality. You can get the application from here ( myuninst.zip – 45KB ).

ZSoft Uninstaller

ZSoft Uninstaller deals with issues regarding uninstall leftovers in two separate parts: before and after reboot. By splitting the process in half, this app makes sure that any in-use files are permanently deleted from the system.

If you consider an alternative for Add/ Remove Programs applet in Windows, ZSoft Unistaller might meet your needs. And that not just because is freeware, but also because it has many other useful features like: leftovers remover, temporary files deletion, empty folders finder, startup clean-up, program entries deletion, uninstalled software finder and remover.

ZSoft filters program entries that are probably not subject to uninstall, like drivers, speeding up uninstall management. It is also multilingual, offering language support in English, French, Chinese and others.

From a graphical standpoint, ZSoft Uninstaller keeps it simple with a straightforward approach to main functions available. Get it from here ( ZSoft_Uninstaller_2.5.exe – 1.2MB )!

Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller comes in two different forms. Whether freeware or professional, its developers pretend it is the best solution for uninstall processes. The fact is that the pro version monitors your installations in real time, offers complete removal of programs and technical support, and manages startup programs. The freeware solution offers none of the above.

Geek Uninstaller was made available for all Windows distributions (x64 including). As for its functions, it is quite similar with those presented already. Its minimalistic look seems best for users in need of portable solutions, the executable file simplifying the process.

Geek Uninstaller is one of the multiple solutions available on the internet. It is good enough to qualify for our free uninstallers list. Download it from here ( geek.zip – 1.9MB ).

Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller is a wise choice because it is free and easy to use and there is no need to install it, being an executable file. The list of functions is not that long, but it stands out for its ability to repair broken software, including Microsoft Office suite and Adobe, even if reinstalling these applications may seem like a better choice in many cases.

Wise Uninstaller comes with a search option, technical support, forced uninstall option for invalid programs, safe uninstall, entry remover, occupied space indicator. Removing leftovers may be tricky. This is not the best free app for residue erasing.

Its compatibility with Windows 8 has been tested. We give it a plus for that. Language packs further increase its accessibility. Its sleek interface blends in with graphic enthusiasts’ needs. It even has a ‘Like it’ button for whoever gets to appreciate that much this kind of freebies. The update option is also available.

Consider it a wise choice if what you want is simple functionality. You can find it here ( 2.2MB ).

Free Uninstaller

Free Uninstaller is another choice for replacing Add/Remove programs in Windows. It is lightweight and portable, fast and reliable.
Free Uninstaller does the same thing the applet in Windows was designed for but a little bit faster, given its simple interface, with no fancy graphics. Moreover, it removes invalid entries from the list, making it easier for the user to seek the desired program for uninstalling. The same purpose is aimed by highlighting in red these invalid programs.

Free Uninstaller app simply hides system components so that you can’t damage your computer. Free Uninstaller has a dedicated box for information about the software you are about to uninstall. Registry entries created by programs are also available to see. Get it now ( Free_Uninstaller_1.1.zip – 311KB )!


Uninstaller is a freeware utility that simplifies the process of removing no longer needed programs. It has the basic function of uninstalling software that can’t be removed by simply using the native applet within Windows. Your computer experience gets smoother if the post uninstall scan for remains is used.

As other similar programs do, Uninstaller can create a HTML list of program entries, search information online for installed software, and verify digital signatures. The utility is compatible with all Windows distributions. Its interface is simple and user friendly.

Uninstaller is not better than other removal tools presented here. It is just a freebie with limited functionality. Download it now (UninstallerSetup.exe – 1.4MB)!

Handy Uninstaller

Handy Uninstaller is the simplest of all removal tools we reviewed. It offers no other functions that the built-in Windows applet doesn’t, except for group management of programs.

Handy Uninstaller organizes programs in seven categories: audio, games, network, security, video, Microsoft, and other. Other groups can be created by user specifications. That can turn useful if in a hurry or if your computer handles a great number of software applications.
The interface comes in handy.

It is simple and straightforward. Use Handy Uninstaller if you despise always going to Control Panel for software management. To download the application click here (handyuninstaller-setup.exe – 1.2MB).

Windows Uninstaller

Windows Uninstaller has a different approach to the issue. It is a context menu shell extension that simply adds the ‘Uninstall’ feature to the context menu, so that users get the possibility to uninstall shortcuts for executable files and executable files with just a right click. Windows Uninstaller is available for all versions of Windows.

If your desire is to maximize time efficiency, Windows Uninstaller is the answer. Here it is (windowsuninstallersetup.exe – 426KB)!

Anvi Uninstaller

Anvi Uninstaller  is a small app freely replaces the Add/ Remove applet from Control Panel. Anvi Uninstaller organizes programs in four lists:

  • All Programs
  • Recently Installed
  • Large Programs
  • System Patches

It can create a restore point and remove leftovers. Unfortunately, there is no forced uninstall option. Another problem comes from the fact that the Perfect Scan feature is fully available only with Cloud System Booster Pro previously installed. This suite doesn’t come free. The interface has a sleek modern look.

Anvi Uninstaller doesn’t provide advanced functionality, offering limited option if CSB Pro is not installed. Considering other freeware removal tools available on the internet, this is not the number one choice for the average user. Download it from here (AnviUnIns.exe – 1.3MB).

Also, we should not forget Fermose Uninstaller – the solution we reviewed few days ago.

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